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Geartronics around the world

  1. Sold more than 500systems 
  2. Used for the entire grid of 2008-2009 Euroseries3000 (Lola B02/50 F3000) 
  3. Used by Radical for SR3 and SR8 (GCU only) 
  4. 2014 Ginetta SuperCup to use system (all grid mandatory) 
  5. Homologated for Ginetta GT4 and GT3 (G50 and G55) 
  6. Used by outright winner of the 2012 Britcar 24hrs (BMW V8 GTR) 
  7. Multiple hillclimb course records and championships, UK and Europe 
  8. Winner Prototype category 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi
  9. Winner of the 2012 World Time-Attack Challenge (WTAC)
  10. Etc…


  1. Reliable -> 24 and 12 hour race wins
  2. Faster and much more precise than manual shift: clutchless up & down shifts occur in typically 50-60mS or less, the limit being gearbox type & engine inertia. That means the paddleshift will shift as quick as your mechanical installation will allow while being safe for components 
  3. Reduced gearbox dog wear with up to three time more mileage on dog rings
  4. Near constant power delivery to the wheels, reducing or even eliminating vehicle instability during shifts.
  5. Pneumatic (compressed air) actuation, as used at Le Mans and other top level series by factory teams.
  6. Improved car control with both hands kept on the steering wheel at all times. You can focus on other aspects of car control and improve your laptime.
  7. No more shifting when you can, instead shift at anytime you need without car movement letting you use everything your engine has to offer.
  8. Eliminates over-revs, and includes sophisticated strategies to protect engine and gearbox.
  9. So fast in downshift that if your engine and gearbox allow it will be the speed of your fingers on the paddle that will be the limit in queued downshifts. (up to 5 down-shifts in less than 0.7 second) direct result being shorter braking distances.
  10. Optional automatic up-shift at desired RPM and 'stacked' down-shift pre-select modes. Note: the auto modes are disabled in firmware and available ONLY if your series allow it or for racing schools.
  11. Track support available on request.

Futures in detail:

Lightning fast full-throttle up-shifts and smooth clutchless auto-blipped down-shifts all based on a sophisticated 'anti-push' strategy managed in closed loop on the gearbox position sensor. 

State of the art gearbox control unit (GCU) with strategies fully closed-loop to control the shift, engine torque reduction and throttle blip. 

Please note: This is NOT a timer based system, all shift events are dynamically controlled, based on barrel position feedback.

The GCU works with these inputs: 

  • gear position sensor, 
  • engine tachometer, 
  • throttle position sensor, 
  • clutch position sensor, 
  • pneumatic pressure sensor 
  • paddle switches. 
  • All analogue inputs are 10 bit resolution for greater accuracy. 

The professional 'GCU3' adds:

  • 2 x 1-Mbit CANbus interfaces
  • additional protection strategies based on speed, wheel slip and gearbox temperature.

Built in safety strategies preventing potentially dangerous shifts, such as attempting down-shifting which would cause over revvs, All features are included as standard and can be disabled in software if so desired.

Closed-loop engine torque reduction by direct interface to engine management system, or by direct connection to ignition coils power supply or by CAN if engine management allows.

Data logging including:

  • gear shift count (up & down for each gear), 
  • fastest & slowest up & down shift times for each gear, 
  • barrel overshoot or 'kick-back' count & measurement, 
  • barrel sensor error count, 
  • pneumatic pressure, 
  • compressor duty cycle & engine/gearbox run-time counter, 
  • declined downshift counter 
  • Logged data can be exported as an Excel sheet. 

The paddleshift comprises: 

  • 12v low current compressor, 
  • Custom designed accumulator, 
  • Proprietary gearbox actuator with metallic seals, NO TEMPERATURE PROBLEM
  • throttle blipper & valve assemblies to fit every need, 
  • conventional twin paddles GT or single seater version or single 'rally' paddle, 
  • replacement hall effect gear position sensor 
  • Closed-loop GCU with proprietary PC setup software,