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Are you a team manager or a race engineer ?
Do you want to hear driver complaints and excuses real time ?
Do you want to warn him of bad situation on track he in fact caused himself ?
Do you want to make sure he hears you clearly saying pit now when he is just passed pit entrance ?
Maybe you want to be able to warn your mechanics to bring the tires for that next pit stop without the driver hearing the mechanics say they forgot to warm them ?
Are you a driver ?
Do you want the ability to complain about other drivers to your team as they slow you down ?
Do you want to let your team now the setup is not good but you still made the pole with that bad car they gave you ?
Do you want to make sure they hear you clearly ranting about just anything ?
Then you need the best in radio communications !
We have you covered with the best equipment available today !

Full digital solutions :
Crystal clear transmissions with encryption and identification filters so your disastrous comments stay private.
Multi channels to avoid interferences (or cause them)
Indeed what is funnier then have the TVs in the adjacent pitwalls go blank each time you press that radio button ?
Separate frequencies for multi car and intra team radio network :
Hear all your cars on track simultaneously so you don’t miss a single complaint and speak to each car separately so when you say pit now you don’t end up with your 4 cars creating a parking mayhem in front of your box.
Long range : High power transmission

Don’t miss a beat even without a relay on the longest tracks
Bonus function : drain that battery real fast when the alternator fail and the driver complains about that annoying alarm he got all the time