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Pit equipment

First of all, all the lights presented are of the highest quality. They are all Made In USA and unlike competitors are not china made!
To appreciate the lighting power difference between high performance LEDS and Halogen or even HID lights, compare Lumens value of each light here with the output stated in the literature. HERE
Average life span for halogen lights are 700 hours while HID lights reach 2500 hours

Lights presented here are a selection of the Whelen range. We offer many other other products. Please contact us so we can help you chose the light best suited to your needs.

Many solutions available in 12V / 24V / 110V / 220V

All kind of lighting power, size and combination possible

From race trailer and awning lighting to hand held lights or flush mounted lights for the pit perch for night races we got it all covered!

Virtually everything is possible.
Contact us for more and to discuss your needs.