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Custom installation

Our kit is firstly designed to work on any sequential gearbox. As long as a gearbox sensor is fitted, we can make it work. Our installations and experience doesn't just cover the listed pre-made kits above.

In total Geartronics is more than 500 paddle shift sold, for GT cars like being the mandatory system on Ginetta GT4 and GT3 FIA cars, to single seaters from F3000 cars to FR2.0, also prototypes Norma, Ligier, Wolf or touring cars like BMW, Mitsubishi etc. etc.

We make custom installations suited to every car and they represent 75% of all installations we make. Most likely we already equipped a car like yours!

Here is a small list of cars we already equipped:

  • Ginetta GT4
  • Mitsubishi Evo all versions
  • Ginetta GT4 and GT3
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Lola B99/50, B02-50, B03-50 etc
  • Reynard 95D, 93D, 1KL
  • Norma M20, M20F, M20FC
  • Ligier JS 49, JS 51
  • Wolf GB08
  • BMW 6cyl, BMW V8
  • Formula 1, Arrows, Jordan, BAR Honda fitted with all sort of engines and gearbox
  • Sadev SL75

Don't stop at the pre-made complete kit list above. Custom installation doesn't automatically mean it will be more expensive.

Our custom kit includes:

  •     Complete paddle shift kit
  •     Complete custom loom
  •     Aeroquip hoses and fittings
  •     Brackets made on your car
  •     Programming and testing
  •     Choice of sprint version with carbon fiber high pressure air tank or circuit version using our on-board compressor

For more information, contact us.