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Eric Berguerand driving his Lola B99 F3000 fitted with Geartronics paddle shift by R engineering.

Listen carefully and enjoy the gearshift speed and throttle blip perfectly balanced.

The video shows a big scary moment on the wet road towards the end of the course, both hands on the steering wheels were very helpful!

For comparison purposes, a video still onboard of Eric Berguerand Lola WITHOUT paddle shift.

The difference is impressive!

(start at 2 minutes)

Another Geartronics system onboard Marcel Steiner’s car.

This video shows not only his exceptional speed but also the whole system in action at different camera angles.

By looking at the gearbox side near the wishbone bracket, you can see how fast the actuator is working.


A video shows the automatic function of Geartronics system.

The system was firstly manually tested and then switched to auto mode. The paddle shift realizes auto upshift at designated RPM (simulated here). Then as revs drop grouped downshifts occurs lightning fast just like it would at the end of the braking zone.That’s 5 downshifts in less than a second. Using the simulated RPM you can also see the protection against over revving the engine disallowing downshifts.

Not the most serious applicationbut surely one of the most spectacular, the Ford Fiesta of Ken Block in his famous video at Montlhery.

A beautiful display of the use of the rally paddle and its benefits when the angle of de counter steer becomes important.

Note that despite all the mistreatment Fiesta, no gear change has failed during the entire shoot.


The test of the paddle shift is made during warm up of this Lola B02 F3000.

You can see detailed view of the gearbox actuator and a throttle blipper.

Reynard Inverter equipped with a Honda Fireblade motorcycle engine running at Silverstone.

Utilisation of Geartronics paddle shift is possible on a large majority of motorcycle engines.

This requires some machining to achieve the housing to mount the potentiometer sensor on the barrel.

Without this sensor, it’s impossible to control precisely the gearbox.

Once again Lola F3000.

This time seen from the outside at Valencia in Spain.

The clear sound lets you hear perfectly the effects of Geartronics system, almost no cut on upshift and very fast downshifts with very clear throttle blip perfectly timed.