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Kit Formula Abarth

Our kit Formula Abarth is tested and validated on track for nearly two years now, we offer a specific kit for the Formula Abarth.

Our kit includes:

  •     Complete paddleshift kit
  •     Gearbox actuator brackets
  •     Throttle blipper brackets
  •     Complete custom loom
  •     Aeroquip hoses and fittings
  •     Program for ECU configuration allowed by Abarth

Please note:

- The system has been track tested and works very well from 2012.

- Updates in the ECU configuration for gear cut strategies were made with Abarth. We supply special version of Vision software made by Abarth to update the car.

Such update is mandatory and can not be avoided.

- There is no modification whatsoever needed on the car itself. No body work cut. Just few small holes in the right hand radiator duct, and two threaded holes on a previously designed point on the Sadev gearbox.

The Original loom is left untouched apart from the gear position sensor replaced and the gear cut request switch.

It is possible to revert to the standard lever in a matter of minutes.
The updated ECU gear cut management that is needed for the paddle shift works also when used with a standard lever.

For more information, contact us.